Sunday, 22 September 2013

I heard a blackbird sing

It was so very quiet when I walked the lanes with Nella this morning.    Autumn is such a mellow season, in fact, it is my favourite.   Trees slowly give way to their seasonal gown, fungi appear, and beautiful seedheads decorate wildflowers.   
The cooler weather gives me a Spring in my step.     I wonder what weather lies ahead for the winter..............


  1. Love and Light my dear friend, as you walk your path....

  2. hi Cheryl, I tried to comment on your blog but was told I am not a member...dearest Cheryl, that desperate yearning for rain is so horrible... I hope and pray you get some relief soon. your beautiful memories brought tears to my eyes... I lost my Dad in April this year. <3

  3. Hi Cheryl, just stopping by to let you know I cannot comment on your other blog. Not sure why. It says I have to be member.