Tuesday, 24 January 2012

An enchanting woman.

I remember my Gt Grandmother clearly.     An elegant woman, quiet, well mannered and extremely beautiful.   When I say beautiful, I mean there was something about her that went beyond looks.   I was enchanted by her.....she rarely spoke to me.....after all I was a child :}
She would sometimes peck me on the cheek or take hold of my hand.    She would pick a rose every day and pin it to her fine velvet jacket.    Lace would hang around her tiny wrists, pretty lace.     She would take tea with her friends, stare at the sky,  walk much too far for someone aged 93.
I was ten when she died. 
The handkerchief  belonged to her.     I keep it in my treasure box.       


  1. She sounds as if she was a dear lady...
    Her hankie is lovely. I love just thinking about her "refined" life.
    I use hankies....

    1. Dear Sherry,

      She was very much a lady. I would watch her at the dining table eating lunch. She would have very small portions and take ages to finish her meal.
      All I wanted to do was to be excused and go out and run the countryside once again. Of course, we had to wait until Gt Grandma had finished :)

      I somehow knew you would use hankies :)

  2. It is wonderful that you have a small piece of her life to bring out occasionally. You can more easily conjur up her spirit with this. It sounds like you have fond memories of her.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yes it is wonderful. I do not look at it that often as it is showing signs of wear.

      I have very very fond memories of her......

  3. Oh my goodness what a beautiful treasure this is! How wonderful to have a tiny piece of your beloved great grandmother - and those memories to cherish as well.

    I never knew my great grandmother and only saw my grandmother a couple of times in my life as they lived so far away. I do have a pair of golden earring which belonged to my grandma and a picture of my grandparents inside a locket that belonged to my mother. Strange, I was thinking about that locket the other day. Now I must try to figure out where I put it.

  4. recalling the days when 'pigs sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies gently water'. The workwomanship of this fine memento speaks volumes Cheryl - no wonder you cherish it.

  5. I have a similar one and I also cherish it. Mine has pink flowers but the rest is much the same.

  6. What a lovely treasure - I was always given hankies as a child for my birthday - beautifully embroidered with my initial - i wonder where they all went?