Thursday, 12 January 2012

Violets and satin.....

 I love violets,  my grandmother used to pick them, put them in small vases and dot them around her home.    Many, many years ago my brother bought me this  tape measure for my 30th birthday.
 Hand painted on satin, it dates back to the Victorian period.    It is a much treasured gift.
I wonder who painted it?  


  1. What a beautiful gift! Who painted it? Good question. I'd like to say your grandmother, but if your brother bought it, then no it wouldn't be, would it? Whoever painted it is very talented.
    It's lovely.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Over 100 years old we will never know but I am always curious and conjour images up in my mind.

    It must have been such a long and difficult task. You could not afford to make a mistake for sure. From a bygone age where things were much slower.....

  3. Dear Cheryl,
    This is an exquisite treasure! It is a perfect example of my favorite word, yuga. It is Japanese and means "gracefulness and refinement infused with gentleness." My imagination takes flight. It is painted in inches....
    perhaps it was painted by a dressmaker. Your brother knows you very well.
    I am so excited for your new blog.....
    like you it is yuga.

  4. I do sooo love that tape. I too enjoy the memories of special flks who spread violets about :)

  5. My dear Sherry, tku, I am humbled.

    I also thought a dressmaker, and thought of you :)
    It would suit you well.
    My brother does indeed know me well, we are kindred spirits.

    I am so pleased you like the tape measure. Violets have to be the prettiest little flowers in the world :)